Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paper plate turkey-3rd grade

The students love this project. You will need 2 paper plates per student. Before the class, use one paper plate per child to create a cone (staple it). The children will cut across the bottom of the cone. That cut off portion becomes the turkey's wing, the upper portion is the body. Fold down the point of the cone to create the beak and face. The second plate is divided, not quite in half, to create 2 sections of the turkey's tail (you want one section larger than the other). The two sections of tail are divided like a pie, each section painted a different color. We paint the body and wing brown, and the beak yellow, add google eyes (don't they make every elementary project better) and feet. I give out a written instruction sheet for this project that also includes pictures. My goal with the written instructions was to support SOL testing (helping the children learn to follow instructions) as well as reduced stress for me! Those who have trouble reading the instructions use reading buddies, which has not caused any conflict for me. This has been a very successful project!


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