Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hearts with Tints and Shades

I have fourth grade students divide their paper into 1/4's and trace a heart in each section. I teach a lesson on tints, shades and also complementary colors. We used tempera paint cakes to paint them. I let them decide how to paint the hearts and background but encourage them to try a few tints, shades or a complementary color combination. It could also be used with patterns.

My Family

Kindergarten students end up with a red heart to give away and a heart framed drawing of their family to take home. I fold red paper and pre-draw 1/2 of a heart for them. They cut on the line, open it up, and are amazed that they have a perfect heart! They decorate their heart or write a message. We glue the heart frame to white paper and they draw their family.

So sweet.

Favorites From February

Clay Hearts with Coiling

3rd Grade

Third grade students roll clay out with rolling pins, use heart shaped cookie cutters to cut a heart shape. I teach a lesson on coiling and they add at least one coil on top of their heart, some add three or four. We glazed them.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This is a quick and fun lesson on symmetry and cool colors... I had the students draw snowflakes with sharpies. We then went over the lines with regular crayola markers (cool colors). They took a paint brush and spread water over the markers to make it blend. The next week we added white glitter to the snowflakes.