Friday, November 19, 2010

Wishing tree

This lesson was an idea I modified from the Arts & Activities magazine that our school receives. I did it with first graders, but older kids would also enjoy it. Week one, we drew a tree on a 6''x8'' paper-the same size as the styrofoam. I had the class draw the trunk half the way up and then 'branch out' the limbs. I told them to place 17 leaves on their helps to give them an exact number. We then taped it to the styrofoam and retraced, pressing firmly. Tell class to place their names on the BACK of the styrofoam.The next week we took pastels and  colored a 9''x12'' paper, then smoothed it with kleenex. The class then printed them. I did put the boarder on before we printed--it just seems to make everyones look a little more ''finished''.  Everyone had a nice print.


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