Thursday, October 14, 2010

Landscape Shades& Tints Landscapes

This is a shades and tints painting lesson for fifth graders. Students will draw layers of ground and mountains, plus one tree and one sun, onto a 12'' sq. piece of bogus paper. Outline with black sharpies. Define the terms ''shades'' and ''tints'', go over your painting rules, have students pick 2 colors, and start painting.. I have the class begin at the bottom and work their way up---leave the sky for last. When everything is painted, let dry overnight and redraw the black lines- this time adding hatching and texture lines.This always turns out well, and as they have to actually mix the shades and tints , it plants the information in their brains.


Rebecca Behring said...

I've seen you show this project a few years ago, maybe it was some thing that was finished student's work. They do look great. Thank you for sharing how it was done!

Sarah Ramey said...

Bogus paper? I had to google it. Where do you get it? Is there a reason you use that instead of plain ole 90# white?

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