Monday, September 20, 2010

Rotating Symmetry Project

Lindsay and I found this project in a magazine a few years ago.. we tried it and loved it.  The objectives are: The student will identify positive and negative space in works of art. SOL 4.6; The student will demonstrate and use motor skills.; Student will identify and use variety, repletion and unity in an art work SOL 4.5; Create original works that are symmetrical and complex; Combine colors and values in an aesthetically pleasing manner; experiment with overlapping
I use a 12x 12 inch square piece of paper for the base. We fold it horizonatally, diagonally and vertically to make gluing guidelines. I have done this project with a fall theme and also with a winter theme. The kids love it and they turn out great.


Janis Gillespie said...

I like it! I do a similar project with symmetry in January. You cut out multiple snowflakes in different colors and layer them into a symmetrical design on black paper.

Susan Hill said...

This looks great..It would be linked to math SOL's also. I especially like the use of neon, bright colors, and the students also would, Susan

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