Monday, September 27, 2010


This is a project that I adapted to use for the "square 1" fundraiser last year. It is a . Khamsa - or Moroccan Good Luck Hand -  They turned out great. I stressed patterns and vivid color combinations. We also learned about overlapping in the process.


lindsay charest said...

I love the way this looks Dianna! What grade did you do this with? Did they trace their actual hands? Did you just use sharpie and colored markers? Love them!

D.Mellott said...

I do it with fourth grade, but you could do it with any grade. Yes, I have them trace their own hand... remind them to overlap, and its okay for part of the hand to be off the paper. We outlined with sharpie and used markers for coloring. They came out great, and Rebecca said they sold pretty well in the fundraiser.

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