Monday, September 24, 2012

Contour Line Drawing

1.Show an example of a contour line drawing. Explain that you only draw the outline. No details. You must look at the object, this is drawing from life not imagination. 2.Demonstrate the project. 3.Look at the gourds for about 30 seconds. Look at the shape and color. Place them in the middle of the table and do not move them. 4.Draw the gourd at least 5 times. Overlap them. Draw the ones closest to us large and the ones far away small. You can draw more if you have extra time! 5.Add sharpie. Day 2 1.Add colored pencil. Overlap the colors to make new colors. Really look at the gourds to see the color. Are they all yellow? (orange/green) 2.Add watercolor. You can use the watercolor to make shadows under the gourds. What colors will work for shadows?


Elizabeth - Dream Painters said...

Contour line drawing is not an easy concept for children to apply, but they've done a great job. Lovely organic shapes :)

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