Friday, August 26, 2011

Harold and the Purple Crayon

This is my favorite lesson for kindergarten's first art class. We read "Harold and the Purple Crayon" and then talk about different adventures we could go on if we had magical purple crayons like Harold. The kids only get purple crayons and they can draw adventures on the front AND back of their paper. When they are finished I also have a movie version of the book that I let them watch while the detailed drawers finish up.


Phyl said...

I always loved this book. My big brother was named Hal (actually still is, but he goes by Hal now) so when I was little I imagined it was him. Great idea for K's.

D.Mellott said...

I used this as my first week lesson this year with K & 1. They really enjoyed it..Shout out to Amazon who delivered the dvd just in time!

jmanfre said...

I do this lesson too! Kids love it and you forget how much K cannot do at the beginning of the year!

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